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A device for guiding a medical probe

The present invention relates to a device for guiding a medical probe for body cavities with means for flushing and suction of washing liquids, and a housing having connections for the flushing and suction lines, and a guide channel for the displaceable and lockable therein probe.

The invention is concerned with the management of sensors, such as laser, coagulation, argon or glue and other probes, simultaneous rinsing and vacuuming or rinsing fluids through the shaft of the probe. Here only the common application of the probes with irrigation and suction leads to the best possible work product. For example, preventing the flushing during bipolar coagulation is largely a carbonating-tion. A laser beam can also be performed on a water jet. This, however, the possibility should be available to the regulation of irrigation together with the probe in the probe holder himself can make.

From WO 94/05200 a device of the type mentioned above is known. However, the amount of the purge control and the suction fluid is carried out in a separate apparatus outside the pump apparatus. Directly to the device itself has no control is possible, so that the simultaneous operation of all functions is relatively cumbersome. Furthermore, the entire device must be contaminated after one use either consuming cleaned and disinfected or discarded as a whole.

Rinsing pure for surgical purposes is disclosed in EP 642 800, in which a flexible hose leading the flushing medium through lockable push button is not abklemmbar. However, the device can not be readily combined with the above instruments, opera-tive measures are not possible and does not intend to her.

Starting from this prior art, the present invention has for its object to provide a device of the type mentioned, with the volume control of the suction and the flushing process can be carried out easily on the device itself. This should be the number of contaminated parts remain as low as possible to reduce the cleaning effort.

To achieve the object, the present invention proposes the features which are mentioned in the characterizing part of claim 1. Further advantageous features are recited in the characterizing part of the dependent claims.

Details of the invention are explained in more detail below and with reference to the figures 1 through 8. In the drawings:

FIG 1 shows a cross section through a first embodiment of the device,

Figures 2 to 6, the sections AA, BB, CC, DD and EE of Figure 1,

Figure 7 is a view in the direction X to Figures 1 and

the 8 shows a second embodiment of the device.

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