UAE Medical Equipment industry

e du dispositif médical est une industrie complexe et hétérogène. The industrialized e medical device is a complex and heterogeneous industry.It is the law of 18 January 1994 introduced into French law the definition of a medical device (Article L. 665-3 of the Code of Public Health).

Medical device means any instrument,apparatus,equipment,material,product,except for the products of human origin,or other article,whether used alone or in combination,including accessories or software for its functioning,intended by the manufacturer to be used in humans for medical purposes and whose principal intended action is not achieved by pharmacological,immunological or metabolic means,but whose function may be assisted by such means. Medical devices that are designed to be implanted in whole or in part in the human body or placed into a natural orifice,and which depend for their operation of a source of electrical energy or any source of power other than that that is directly generated by the human body or gravity,are called active implantable medical devices.

The medical device industry includes materials such as medical imaging,dressings used in the operating room,but also external prostheses used by orthopedic,internal prostheses such as heart valves,materials or perfusion distribution fluids.There are over 3000 different product families representing about 84 000 products in all.

Table I illustrates this diversity.

The complexity of the areas covered by the medical device industry,the multiplicity of sectors and the lack of international product nomenclature make collection difficult and random statistical comparison.Table II illustrates the geographical distribution of the industry.

Finally,the prices of these products vary widely,from a few cents to 20 million francs.In France,the medical technology industry is an important sector with a turnover of about 30 billion,employing 20, 000 people and generating 25% export.

Before being placed on the market,medical device must obtain the CE (European Conformity).The CE mark is issued by a notified body (national authority of a Member State of the EU),which assesses the compliance of medical device safety and health from the texts of the European Directive on which it depends (93 / 42,98/79 or 90/385).Once the product has received the CE mark,it can be sold freely in all Member States of the European Union without further verification or modification.

Skills and multiple trades

The medical device industry is an industry that has a strong presence engineers.All technologies are implemented,mechanical,electrical,electronics,computer,textile,chemistry ...More than 50 disciplines such as,for example,the physics of solids or holography are present in the medical device industry.More than 50 medical specialties such as orthopedic surgery,cardiology,ophthalmology and nephrology products and systems used in the medical device industry.

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2009-12-02 11:47:51 by spyder_49

Thanks FD. I actually found this company ...

... via a CL post many months ago. They are in the health care field (medical devices), which was one of my target industries early in my job search. (Of course it has since widened to include most every industry ...). I missed out on the first opportunity, but registered on their company website to email me of future job postings.
I received an email two weeks ago of this new position and submitted my app. Part of the process is to complete a separate online questionnaire - so I considered that the first part of the interview.
Then last week I received a request for a phone interview - which I scheduled for yesterday

2006-06-23 15:50:45 by nbcard

It is a dead end job - i do it now

Do not beleive the hype - it is not the pinnacle of sales jobs. it is actually ideal for a lazy person with no actual sales skills.
i have been in it for two years - and it was the worst career move i have ever made - they tempt you with a decent base salary - but your bonus, and therefore true earning potential are severly capped.
if you want to get into medical sales- look into devices, dental or veterinary. pharma sales is dead - also take a look ta cafepharma message boards - get some good dirt on the industry and any job you are thinking of taking

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