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What are the main activities?

The biomedical engineer supervises a team of technicians to ensure the design, optimization and operation of medical equipment, from small equipment (electric needle) to very large medical devices (scanners, MRI, ...) through the machines used in the ICU, in the operating room ... etc.. His work is essential to ensure the quality and safety of care, as these machines have a key role in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. His opinion is directly taken into account when buying or renewing hospital equipment, because it is very familiar with the material, their innovations, their drawbacks too. It is directly related to the users, that is to say, doctors, caregivers. It ensures that these professionals are comfortable with the equipment, that is to say, they know how to use that equipment are suitable, ergonomic, robust. To prevent failures, it ensures the proper functioning of equipment ensuring regular maintenance ..

The business of bio-medical engineer also has both hospital companies in the industrial sector of health.

How to pay?

The gross monthly salary of biomedical engineering at the hospital is about € 2, 600 early career and € 5, 800 in retirement.

What skills and qualities needed?

The biomedical engineer is a manager, it often leads a team of biomedical engineers, which he himself sometimes from. It must be in constant contact with doctors, caregivers, to understand their needs. He must think constantly comfort and professional safety equipment for patients. It must also be heard, how to negotiate, especially when choosing equipment are made. He must have good technical knowledge, an interest in the medical activity and ongoing innovation in this sector.

What is the training required?

The engineering profession is available with bac +5 level engineering school or university. The engineer is usually the result of a graduate in bio-medical equipment.

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2009-12-02 11:47:51 by spyder_49

Thanks FD. I actually found this company ...

... via a CL post many months ago. They are in the health care field (medical devices), which was one of my target industries early in my job search. (Of course it has since widened to include most every industry ...). I missed out on the first opportunity, but registered on their company website to email me of future job postings.
I received an email two weeks ago of this new position and submitted my app. Part of the process is to complete a separate online questionnaire - so I considered that the first part of the interview.
Then last week I received a request for a phone interview - which I scheduled for yesterday

2006-06-23 15:50:45 by nbcard

It is a dead end job - i do it now

Do not beleive the hype - it is not the pinnacle of sales jobs. it is actually ideal for a lazy person with no actual sales skills.
i have been in it for two years - and it was the worst career move i have ever made - they tempt you with a decent base salary - but your bonus, and therefore true earning potential are severly capped.
if you want to get into medical sales- look into devices, dental or veterinary. pharma sales is dead - also take a look ta cafepharma message boards - get some good dirt on the industry and any job you are thinking of taking

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