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We support the major players in the pharmaceutical industry and medical devices to help them anticipate the changes in the sector, develop innovative approaches and develop skills that will ensure sustainable performance and profitable growth.

Our firm has established itself as the global leader in consulting for the biopharmaceutical industry at large, with more than 3, 750 missions over the past five years, with major pharmaceutical companies, but also actors biotech, laboratories medium-sized industrial medical devices, from generic ... We have contributed to the development of eight of the top ten brands of prescription drugs and driving eight of the ten largest mergers and acquisitions in the sector.

Our in-depth expertise covers strategy, operational excellence and organization, applied to fields as diverse as research and development, industrial performance optimization or marketing. Our extensive experience allows us to develop an integrated approach to the major challenges facing our customers identify growth opportunities, maximize investments in R & D, strengthen strategies for market access, make the most of new product launches in an increasingly complex environment, develop in-depth business model to adapt to the new requirements of the actors in health systems, etc..

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2008-11-23 14:20:08 by makingitupasigo

Gays in medical devices industry?

Hi-- are any of you guys in the medical devices industries? Pharmaceuticals, orthopedics, cardiology, etc. I'm trying to get info on how different companies cultures' are toward gay people, and I'm looking for sources.
Or if you're interested in getting the same information, maybe we can work together. Thanks!

2004-06-09 09:43:14 by --

Grimm, i wasn't joking about med school

It seems like the only people they let work in venture capital firms have either medical, scientific research, or engineering degrees. since i want to work in the biotech and medical devices industries, i figured this is the only way.
bestides, they make tens of millions of $$'s if not more, so financially it seems worth it - IF you can get that kind of gig

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Looks like life is good these days if you are a general counsel in the extractive/chemical/mining, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals or medical devices industries.

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