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Epicor knowledge, as a medical device manufacturer, your success depends on the ability to manufacture superior products. You must follow the strict control of processes, development and manufacturing to achieve the most stringent quality standards.

"Epicor solutions for the medical device industry, " is designed for the medical device manufacturer's global enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions. The solution goes beyond traditional ERP, to provide financial management, product management, customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM) and so on.

In response to provide solutions to business challenges

  • Tracking product lifecycle (from design, manufacturing to sales);
  • With powerful Epicor Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, processes and products take full advantage of the historical center of knowledge;
  • With 2-D CAD , 3-D CAD and E-CAD solution integration;
  • Rely on regulations and industry standards (including the FDA (21CFR11) requirements) compliance framework;
  • Through the implementation of lean strategies, shorten the delivery time and reduce waste;
  • The use of bar code technology, and strengthen inventory and warehouse management;
  • In your industry, Epicor's comprehensive end to end solutions designed to enhance transparency.

The use of the award-winning integrated applications, "Epicor Medical Devices Industry Solution" is a powerful and flexible business software solution that can provide you with the necessary flexibility and scalability, allowing you to optimize the most important resources to achieve profitability growth.

Critical Success Factors For Choosing a Marketing Agency in the Medical Devices Industry - 2011-2012: Survey Snapshot
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2008-03-11 23:22:17 by jimboblove

#33 Marijuana

People from many cultures like marijuana (South East Asian, Jamaica, India, Morrocco, Mexico, etc), but white people take it to an entirely new level.
To simply purchase, roll and smoke marijuana is not enough for white people. They need to make sure they know all the different strains, cultivation technique, and methods for smoking it. They even have an entire magazine devoted those where they actually have centerfolds of plants that people have grown.
White people are also willing to spend over $500 on smoking devices just to find new and more expensive ways to smoke weed

2005-03-10 13:25:16 by _please

Feedback/critique for my resume

Could you guys offer some feedback on my resume below (and continued on the next posting)? My target is a more professional job (non-contract) within my industry utilizing my degree (and maybe my programming background too).
Really really appreciate it! Thanks!
QC Inspector / Auditor: November 2004 - Current (Open Ended Contract)
* Physical, mechanical, and visual inspection on parts, devices, and documentation including first articles with CAD / SolidWorks drawings
* Assist implementation of and compliance to the quality manage

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