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n entend par dispositif médical tout instrument, appareil, équipement, matière, produit, à l'exception des produits d'origine humaine, ou autre article utilisé seul ou en association, y compris les accessoires et logiciels nécessaires au bon fonctionnement de celui-ci, destiné par le fabricant à être utilisé chez l'homme à des fins médicales et dont l'action principale voulue n'est pas obtenue par des moyens pharmacologiques ou immunologiques ni par métabolisme, mais dont la fonction peut être assistée par de tels moyens. O n means any medical device instrument, apparatus, appliance, material, product, except for the products of human origin, or other article, whether used alone or in combination, including the software and accessories necessary for the proper functioning of the intended by the manufacturer to be used in humans for medical purposes and whose principal intended action is not achieved by pharmacological, immunological or metabolic means, but whose function may be assisted by such means . Is also a medical device the software intended by its manufacturer to be used specifically for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.

Medical devices that are designed to be implanted in whole or in part in the human body or placed into a natural orifice, and which depend for their operation of a source of electrical energy or any source of power other than that that is directly generated by the human body or gravity, are called active implantable medical devices.

These devices rely on many technologies: chemistry, mechanics, biology, electronics, electrical, computer.

It brings together different health products as a dressing, a scanner, an implantable defibrillator, a pair of glasses or a dental amalgam. They are essential to medical practice preventive therapeutic, diagnostic, or substitute.

The medical device sector has many features that must be taken into account:

  • An industry at the confluence of multiple sectors (mechanical, electronic, computer, ...);
  • so-called "operator-dependent" products that require a learning curve and that play a pivotal role in the organization of care;
  • life cycle of innovation that is on average, depending on the sector and with few exceptions, between 2 and 5 years,
  • an industry composed of a majority of SMEs
  • a manufacturing


The new approach (newly revised and is now called the NLF or NCL) is a single legislative framework for the placing on the market in Europe for many consumer products. It defines a requirement level to achieve to ensure consumer safety without prejudice technical solutions to implement to achieve it.

The new approach directives apply to many products, more than 24 sectoral guidelines were developed. Products that meet this context bear the CE marking is the visible symbol of product compliance with all applicable laws safety.

The CE marking ensures the free movement of safe products in the European Union.

European directives (Directive 93/42 for medical devices and Directive 90/385 for active implantable medical devices) prescribe mandatory essential requirements are intended to ensure the safety and health of people. To achieve these objectives results, responsible for placing on the market of products (manufacturers) can follow the specifications that are defined in the so-called "harmonized standards" standards. The list of these standards for directives published in the Official Journal of the European Union. Compliance with these standards for the marketing of products provides manufacturers with a "presumption of conformity".

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2008-09-12 11:32:57 by terrorflop

Medical devices of all kinds need to be

Regulated to strict standards...apparently private industry failed so the public needs to step in.
unlicensed dental repair is a far greater problem than anything you've presented. and you've offered nothing to back up your claims of 2-3x price increases and "REDUCED" quality...quality will be better when manufacturing and repairs are controlled...deregulation leads to cheap crap and deceptive marketing.

2010-02-10 18:50:31 by tminus7

Automotive programming has not kept up with

Medical, military, and aerospace. Starting about 1983 both the department of defense and the FDA woke up to the fact computers were being put in charge of dangerous things. Like bombs, missiles, implanted heart defibulators, radiation machines, etc. In the FDA case a few people were killed by radiation overdose from accelerator type cancer treatment machines. Aerospace had been aware of this since the 1960's.
In those three engineering areas they now require hardware backups for computer failures and validation and verification for software. This means no use of things like windows, since it cannot be validated or verified

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