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The US Medical Device Industry is a Success Story, So Why is

Global executive search firm CTPartners (NYSE MKT: CTP) recently announced a series of regional financial services industry's most popular posts. CTPartners that the following areas of risk and recovery strategy to maintain strong demand for senior talent, namely: legal, compliance, risk management and wealth management.

As more companies need to comply with the provisions of Dodd-Frank Act, on the increasing demand for compliance. Since the 2008 financial crisis, risk management has been a concern; while financial services companies continue to launch spread risk and asset management of new products and the development of the relevant market in order to seek new sources of revenue, which the bank electronic payment technology is an example.

2013 following seven largest financial services vacancies sentiment remains very strong:

1 Compliance Manager

Today, stringent regulatory environment means companies need more high-level compliance team to respond to complex regulatory changes, including the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform (Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform). As for the financial infrastructure in positions such risk, financial, auditing, compliance, legal, technological and operational senior personnel, in 2013 demand will remain strong to cope with different regulatory requirements.

(2) Government and Regulatory Affairs Officer

In highly regulated industries, such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, energy and financial services to its corporate and trade needs of the leading talents persistence to cope with complex regulatory issues. For example, for healthcare technical knowledge of the product life cycle, companies need to ensure product safety and efficacy. In addition, in order to avoid recurrence of the global economic crisis, the financial services industry within the context of regulatory and accounting practices related jobs and investment, and its demand is very strong.

3 Chief Risk Management Officer

Since the 2008 financial crisis, market volatility derived from a number of important positions. For example, companies need to Chief Risk Management Officer to be responsible for protection and management of various risks, as well as by the enterprise market, credit risk and operational risk, the relevant personnel have certain needs. Dodd-Frank and Basel III for the relevant legislation and compliance adds another important safeguard, all walks of life and thus the risk controls to admire.

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2004-06-17 18:50:24 by CalifornianNative

Manufacturing refugee seeks career role model

I've been a manufacturing engineer in the mechanical end of the communications and aerospace industries for over thirty years. All my education and training has been centered on keeping myself employed in this field. Now, the industries I once worked for have closed down or left the area.
If you know of a manufacturing engineer that has been successful in finding another career in the SF Bay Area, tell me how they did it.
I've spent five years trying to get into a medical device company, but they are only interested in candidates with bio-tech experience.
Going back to school is not an option

2012-10-07 18:41:11 by livecartoondog

NE Indiana: Hundreds of factory jobs go unfilled

Northeast Indiana: Hundreds of factory jobs go unfilled
There are hundreds of factory jobs ready for the taking as the area's manufacturing sector has come back to life after the recession.
But even with an unemployment rate as high as the national average, companies are struggling to hire workers.
This situation is top of mind for Larry Davis, CEO of Daman Manifolds in Mishawaka. The company, which makes hydraulic valve manifolds, has 115 employees.
Industry demand has boosted Daman Manifolds' business significantly. "We need to hire 10 more workers in the next six months," Davis said

2010-03-29 15:28:07 by Cesti

HCR Taxes Taxes Everywhere!!

Millions more Americans will have greater access to health care, but somebody has to pay for it.
The health-care reform bill signed by President Obama last week brings with it new excise taxes on the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.
The bill also tacks on a 10 percent tax onto tanning salon services.
Many in the medical industry see the new taxes as a direct threat to their businesses, while others are more optimistic that more Americans being able to afford health care will increase sales.
Wayne Sale, the owner of a Henrico-based medical supply distributor Health First who heads up a national trade group that opposes the tax, says he expects manufacturers to pass the cost to him

2010-12-07 02:51:49 by GoodSamaratan

Republicans have lost thier freaking mids

If there was a mental health hospital for institutions the Republican Party and its top leaders would be admissible as clinically insane. Repeatedly, these corporate supplicants oppose any measure, any regulation, any legislation that will directly help workers, consumers, the environment, small taxpayers and even investor-shareholders.
Take the evasive next Speaker of the House, Ohio Republican John Boehner. I've lost count of the times he said the recent health care law would "kill jobs in America, ruin the best health care system in the world, and bankrupt our country." I don't recall one reporter asking him to be specific on these claims

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