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Designing a helicopter cabin for emergency medical services

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The design of the limited space on a helicopter cabin should be efficient and easy access to monitors and other medical devices.Thomas Weig and Stephan Prueckner two senior physicians in the department of anesthesiology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich and both work as doctors of medicine DRF Luftrettung air in Filderstadt,Germany.Together with a graduate industrial design department Kunsthochschule Weissensee in Berlin,analyzed work processes and workflow that is happening in the cockpit of the helicopter when in the air,and reported their findings earlier this month at the Air Medical Journal. Their analysis was based on a video recording with 4 cameras during missions,structured interviews of the crew after completing the missions,and analysis of video documentation with the photographs obtained.For this project we used a Eurocopter EC 145,a twin-engined medium size.This is a regular machine mainly used for inter-hospital transfer or emergency medical services.The interior of the helicopter was developed by Aerolite AG, Ennetbürgen,Switzerland.

One of the identified bottlenecks that seems to be the loading and unloading of the patient while they are connected to monitors and intravenous infusion lines.Previous studies also suggest many programmed or accidental disconnection during charging and discharging of patients.

With regard to these results,the new design concept focuses on two main points: the practical use of the monitor intuitive and maximum safety and comfort for the patient during loading and unloading.They built a scale model and was installed in a vacuum EC 145 to test the feasibility.

The last concept works like a drawer: medical devices are mounted on a guide rail and are connected at a fixed distance with the stretcher.All this comes with the patient to the helicopter.The patient monitoring devices with wireless connections and are completely detachable. This final design concept integrates better comfort and safety for the patient and staff.

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Gays in medical devices industry?

Hi-- are any of you guys in the medical devices industries? Pharmaceuticals, orthopedics, cardiology, etc. I'm trying to get info on how different companies cultures' are toward gay people, and I'm looking for sources.
Or if you're interested in getting the same information, maybe we can work together. Thanks!

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Nylon resins are typically used in applications requiring heat and chemical resistance, as well as, toughness. Some examples include under-the-hood automotive components, electrical connectors for the telecommunications and computer industries and components of medical devices. Nylon products can be found in virtually every industry. Parts in a broad range of colors can be produced with most nylon resins.

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Bob Schmidt, Cleveland Medical Devices
Bob Schmidt, Cleveland Medical Devices

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