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Neuilly-sur-Seine, January 18, 2012

Interest in the field of in vitro diagnostic medical shows strong growth

From 2012 to 2014, PwC expects a growth of investor interest in the medical diagnostic device in vitro (IVDMD) 1 industry. According to "Diagnosis 2011", the biennial PwC study on the IVDMD industry, this trend is due to the surge in the value of mergers and acquisitions in the sector, acceleration in the number of partnerships with industry drug tests on the two companions and the emergence of new prospects for early detection of observed past two years cancer.

During the first seven months of 2011, several transactions valued at over one billion dollars, contributed to more than triple the value of mergers and acquisitions in the industry IVDMD compared to 2010, surpassing the $ 15 billion .
According to "Diagnosis 2011", the renewed interest in the sector comes not only from historical market, but also new entrants such as financial investors, product research groups 3, the medical laboratories and companies specializing in medical devices. This arrival, coupled with the conclusion of transactions in higher values ​​than in the past, could redefine the competitive landscape of the industry, while several actors reinforce their market share. However, the sustainability of partnerships in the field of companion tests will depend on the measures to support innovation by governments, regulatory agencies and industry.

The "Diagnostics 2011" report looks at five factors that may influence the activity of mergers and acquisitions in the sector IVDMDs the 2012-2015 horizon:

  • pursuing acquisitions IVDMDs activities by new entrants;
  • the response of historical leaders to this new situation: in the absence of a major acquisition program, the historical leaders could see their market share decline in some key segments;
  • the private equity firm seeking opportunities: we can expect an increase in the number of acquisitions of high value-funded capital investment (Private Equity) - subject to the maintenance of capital markets;
  • large pharmaceutical companies buying up companies specializing in molecular or tissue diagnosis: Despite the small number of this type of movement in recent years, large pharmaceutical companies would be encouraged by the confirmation of the model of co-development of a drug and a diagnosis 4;
  • the entry of a big player in the field of early detection: Several companies are at the forefront of the development of a new wave of tests for the early detection of major cancers. It is difficult to predict whether the market will adopt the use of non-invasive screening for IVDMDs 5. If this is the case, it could push a big diagnostics company or pharmaceutical products to buy some promising young companies in the area of ​​early detection.
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Revenue Growth Expectations in the Medical Devices Industry - 2011-2012: Survey Snapshot
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2003-10-02 06:38:37 by apathetichuman

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