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- How to learn from overseas experience to enhance China implantable medical devices involved in product development capabilities?

Shanghai March 25, 2013 / PRNewswire PRNewswire / - Chinese and European medical device market and the level of development there is a certain gap between medical devices and associated application and development process, the industry supply chain, the level of development of enterprises also uneven, China's domestic enterprises to do business in an international leader in medical devices and clinical applications and processing and product supply chain, enhance their level of processing technology, supply chain integration and to promote, strengthen and improve with foreign supplier exchanges, learn from experience and improve China implantable medical devices involved in product development capabilities, is China's medical device industry technology and clinical application of innovation is the key breakthrough.

Past Conferences scene photos
Past Conferences scene photos

23-24 May 2013, officially supported by the Medtec China, interventional medical devices implanted in the Third China China Summit will combine the latest medical equipment and the implementation of new laws and regulations related reforms point analysis, intervention on plant material technological breakthrough, promote applied research, development, and medical device clinical ability to integrate the design and evaluation tools such as angle-depth analysis of China interventional medical devices implanted in the domestic market penetration future role in the process of analysis and opportunities to grasp.

The summit has been held twice. Past conferences have been Medtec China and Shanghai Pudong Medical Device Trade Industry Association support. Chinese Academy of Engineering academician who Ke-Rong Dai meeting inscription, "begins a new, as in essence." Pudong Medical Device Trade Industry Association Yan president specifically asked "I hope this summit construction as the most valuable and best-organized trade exchange platform." Intervention from the implantable medical device industry more than a hundred high-end two delegates, 40 Speakers, 4 and 12 sponsor companies involved in the industry's top media last year's meeting.

Click on the following link to free download the complete conference program and previous presentation material: . More information can also be consulting 021 -61, 573, 930.

About MEDTEC China

Since eight years ago in Shanghai since its debut, MEDTEC China exhibition has established itself in the fast-growing Chinese medical device manufacturing industry leadership. Exhibition for many international and Chinese solution providers to provide a platform with the United States, Europe and Asia, in China's medical device manufacturers, and the rapid growth of China's domestic manufacturers of medical devices to interact.

MEDTEC China exhibition aimed at international and Chinese expertise to create a display window, thus further promoting China's medical equipment manufacturing and innovation. MEDTEC China exhibition is the only medical device manufacturers China Sourcing Fair. With other hospitals to focus only on the end product and the amount of people visit the show different positioning, MEDTEC China exhibition targeted visitors looking for product lines include components, materials, technologies and solutions to senior management, R & D engineers, manufacturing engineers and quality assurance professionals.

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Part 2

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