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New guidelines for cabin baggage at airports in the UAE

Guests traveling from or transiting through UAE airports, will have to follow new rules for carry-on luggage (in the cabin), soon to be in force.
• Liquids, sprays and gels (LAGs) must be carried in transparent plastic bags resealable with a maximum capacity of 1 liter.
• Each guest can carry only one bag of this type, which must be presented separately from hand luggage at check points for safety. • Each container should not exceed 100 ml of liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs).
• Exceptions can be made for drugs, food / milk for children, special diets or other prerequisites doctors.

At the airport

• Features separately at checkpoints for your safety resealable transparent plastic bag containing liquids, sprays and gels. • Take off your jacket and / or coat and introduce them for screening. • Features separately laptops and other electronic devices for screening.

Purchases at duty-free

• Carries items purchased at the airport or on board in high-security envelopes (STEB). Generally, these types of envelopes are provided by the point of sale where you purchased a product LAG (liquids, gels and aerosols). • To avoid confiscation, the bag opening with tamper proof should not be opened before the passage through the security controls. • In the case of transit between airports, do not open the envelope until it has passed the final security check last transit airport. • Most of the shops in the main international airports complies with the new rules. In the event that items purchased at other airports do not meet the new criteria, may be confiscated at Abu Dhabi International Airport before departure

Baggage in the cabin - EU Regulation

• Water, drinks, soups, syrups, jams, stews, sauces and mashed potatoes.
• Foods that are high in sauce or liquid.
• Creams, lotions, cosmetics, oils, perfumes, sprays, gels - including shampoo and shower gel.
• Contents of high pressure containers, including shaving foam and deodorants.
• pastes including toothpaste, liqueur-solid mixtures, mascara, lip gloss or lip balm and other items of similar consistency at room temperature.

Remember that these restrictions apply only to your hand luggage. If you want, you can always pack liquids, sprays and gels in your checked baggage.

What is meant for liquids, sprays and gels?

Guests traveling or in transit at European airports are invited to follow the new European rules for luggage in the cabin - which came into force on 6 November 2006.

These regulations apply to the cabin baggage carried by:
• Guests in transit in European airports
• Guests departing from European airports
• Guests traveling to / from Toronto / Brussels

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2011-04-18 10:26:37 by NewMsLoree

This is scary... and long...

The Free Speech About Science Act (H.R. 1364), “health freedom,” and misinformed consent
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2003-10-21 21:53:47 by dermdoc

Clarification on lasers

I think you are referring to the following statement:
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