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Eli Ederi,Walletex: We are looking for partners to develop us in France and Europe

August 2013 by Marc Jacob

Walletex Microelectronics was founded in 2005 in Rishon Lezion in the suburbs of Tel Aviv. She started her business with the launch of electronic cards USB secure on credit card-size cards devices. For about a year,it launched WF Crypto a safe working environment solution to the format of a credit card. This solution provides the encrypted data storage but also can browse the web in a secure environment. It addresses the areas of medicine,banking and business,among other industries. Eli Ederi,VP of Sales & Marcketing Walletex wants to find partners throughout the world and particularly in France to spread its WF Crypto solution.

GS Mag: Can you tell us about your business?

Eli Ederi: Walletex was established in 2005,is a private company which is part of a group of companies named IBDA.We are now 20 people.We are present in Israel and Hong Kong.Our R & D in Israel and producing cards are made in China under the control of Israeli engineers.In the beginning,we specialized in microelectronics we made USB keys as credit card.Then we started to develop secure USB cards protected by passwords.A year ago,we developed our WF Crypto that can work in a secure virtual environment.
We now have more than 1, 000 customers in over 60 countries,including the largest companies level in the following areas: banking,medical,high-tech,automotive and energy.

GS Mag: What is your flagship product and what are its strengths?

Eli Ederi: Our product is called Crypto WF provides a space for secure mobile work for mobile workers who need to access sensitive enterprise resources.Thus,the mobile workers have a space that works hard working safely from trusted computers whether at home or public networks ...WF Crypto provides an integrated keyboard for strong authentication multi-band factors (MFA),a clean read-only image of the OS boot isolated and encrypted communications channels.We have developed a hardware that has the size of a credit card that is connected to a computer via a cable.This solution supports the PKI,the card capacity of 2 GB to 228 GB is partitioned into 10 spaces.The solution supports both Windows and Android.A management console is integrated to allow LIVE mass deployment.It allows the administrator to give different type of license according to the security policy.

We offer two options: a virtual space that works with all browsers and system boot on our secure machine that works with a system read-only or read and write mode.This system allows you to check in time to safe navigation by the user.

This product allows you to configure the applications that you want to protect,then the system created the model.The entire system is managed by the card itself without the need for server.Of course,we developed a management platform that differentiates LIVE user group,it provides logs on using the cards,having sex,but also to destroy the cards distances in loss ... The card can contain any sensitive data is encrypted.Soon we will have a version for Android smartphones and tablets.We also propose a version in the future in software mode for Ios. This solution can run on Windows ™ 7,Windows 8 To Go ™,Linux ™,™ or Ceedo Ceedo Enterprise for Citrix ™.

Cambridge University Press Biodesign: The Process of Innovating Medical Technologies
Book (Cambridge University Press)
2003-09-29 04:40:26 by rcase5

The "Gold Rush" is over! Move on!

Having worked at several startups myself, I found that unless the management puts together a really talented and dynamic team, expect to have your expectations dashed. More often than not, the people running startups are flakes. There is the occational startup/management team that has a great concept and it's tremendously successful. But it's EXTREMELY rare when this happens.
Having read all of the threads on this post to date, the part that jumps out at me the most is the fact that the person starting this company is a laid-off IT person who is starting a medical devices company. That seems like a pretty big leap to me! I admire him for thinking he can make a go of it, but it still scares me that he has people employed and seems unable to pay them

2004-01-16 07:34:15 by chafey

My thoughts

The medical industry is very broad, some parts are very complex (high tech medical devices) while others are very simple (a thermometer or band aid). Product management of the simple things doesn't match your experience very well so I'll assume you are looking for a mid to complex product. For the complex side, there is no way you will get a position with a reputable company unless you have a ton of domain knowledge and are networked. You will probably have to start out a less reputable company, startup or a company with a mid grade product and work your way up. While not super technical, you may be able to land a position with a large information system vendor such as McKesson, Cerner or IDX

2003-09-28 23:05:38 by blue_oasis_2

Thanks! and ....

>1. Contrary to what people think, funding is out there. If they are reputable people who have contacts in the business, they could scrape some cash together to pay people small salaries. The key here is if they aren't networked, then the probably won't be able to make a go of it....
They appear to have some relationships, but not really strong ones. The main guy driving it is a displaced IT worker. Now he's trying to get into a totally differnt field (medical devices). He has some background, and maybe just enough to pull this thing off. But maybe not. He has been somewhat successful in getting the right team together

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