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A global pharmaceutical company Daiichi Sankyo was founded more than 100 years. But this company headquartered in Tokyo knows that innovation is the key to staying ahead of the competition. Adopting iPad and iPhone for its medical representatives (MRs) and executives helped the company succeed in the present and plan for the future.

"To innovate always use the device in different ways. That's where the iPhone and the iPad really stand out, "says Yasuhiro Ikeda, vice president of IT strategies. "The iPhone and iPad allow businesses to move forward much faster."

Information faster, more sales

Created from the merger of two companies centennial in 2005, the business of Daiichi Sankyo include R & D, manufacture and sale of medicines in 54 countries around the world.

The 2, 400 medical representatives of Daiichi Sankyo in Japan play a key role, linking the company to physicians, pharmacists and other health care professionals who prescribe the products of Daiichi Sankyo. Maximize the time you spend with the metropolitan professional medical help to keep them updated on the most important issues and to provide the necessary information to physicians. The iPad is an invaluable tool for RMs: instead of carrying laptops and heavy backpacks full of printed material, they can now access detailed information about the products on time, just sliding a finger.

With the increasing speed of business cycles, it is increasingly important to disseminate information about medicines to health professionals quickly. "In the last two years we have introduced many new products, " says Ryouichi Kibushi, director of sales and marketing Daiichi Sankyo for Japan "We are always thinking of better ways to provide new product information to health professionals. With the iPad and the iPhone, we can do that. "

"Our goal is to advance. And the iPad and iPhone are very important for that. "

Ryouichi Kibushi, division director of sales and marketing (Japan)

Besides the flyers

Offer iPads to RMs in Japan not only served to leave their backpacks lighter - now they have a new way to communicate with your customers.

Using an iPad app called idoc.ds, the medical representatives of Daiichi Sankyo can display videos expert health professionals, and 3D animations explaining how drugs interact with the body. The RMs can also use their iPads to display data from clinical trials and even information about competing products.

"With the iPad all the information you need is right there, we can look for the information and present the doctor's time, " said Masashi Nagao a medical representative of Daiichi Sankyo. "With it, we can be much faster."

Quick Answers

Initially, Daiichi Sankyo selected the iPhone as a tool for their executives thanks to its attractive design and its interface with quick responses. But above all, the iPhone was chosen because it is easy to use. Ikeda explains: "I realized that people could learn to use this new tool quickly and therefore it would be very useful for business."

To prevent the loss of business opportunities, fast responses are essential issues like corporate approvals for development investments. To avoid delays in decision making, executives Daiichi Sankyo use iPhones app with a built-in approval that provides instant access to enterprise data. The app approval allows them to respond to requests immediately time-limited, even if they are outside the country. How executives can send their answers anywhere, the approval time was reduced.

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