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The Portuguese Association of Medical Device Companies (APORMED) states that the amount recorded by the end of 2011 the debt of the National Health Service (NHS) to medical device companies recorded (at the end of the payment process of the budget allocated for this purpose in amending budget April) a reduction of 53 percent, corresponding to 430 million euros.

The Secretary-General expressed APORMED expectantly with the possibility of the portion not yet paid, and amounts to about 370 million euros, come to be reduced until December, by the amount assigned to the payment of debts of hospitals in second amending budget, presented on October 15.

However, Humberto Costa recalls that the reported value must be added the amount not yet paid the purchases made during the year 2012, bringing the total debt at the end of September 2012 to 718 million euros, corresponding to an average maturity of 389 days pay.

Considering only supplies 2012, the average payment from hospitals to medical device companies was in late September of 231 days, the official said.

"This leads us to assume that, even excluding the effect of deferred deadlines as a result of its renegotiation however observed between some companies and the Ministry of Health, in some hospitals, the full implementation of the Law on Appointments is yet to verify" he added.

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Wow, you are an architect?

Or a builder defending your job security? Every addition we did was beautiful and still standing after years (5-25). But I guess success shouldn't be believed. If you like AutoDesk you're probably an AutoCAD user too which is way down on the list when it comes to engineering software. Have you ever heard of consultants? You really think software companies let their programmers do all the civil engineering in a program? Get a clue. And I suppose Sony which makes video games shouldn't be trusted to make cameras or televisions? And Johnson and Johnson can only make baby powder and band-aids, not advanced medical devices

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