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Sandra Schmid Prof. Sandra Schmid received her BSc in Cell Biology in 1980 from the University of British Columbia and her PhD in Biochemistry in 1985 from Stanford University. Also in 2009 she Obtained MSEL (Masters of Science in Executive Leadership) from USD School of Business.

She is Professor and Chairman at the Department of Cell Biology of UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas (USA).

Her main research interest is about the plasma membrane, both in physical barrier That the cell borders and a complex communication device That Governs the cell's interactions with its environment and other cells. In Particular, she studies clathrin-mediated endocytosis (CME), one of the major and best understood trafficking pathways, involved in. many human diseases.

She Became a member of the Telethon Scientific Committee in 2013.

For more information, please visit her personal webpage .

See also the focus on Telethon Scientific Committee .

PLASMA DISPLAYS: Neurosurgery Can Be Viewed By Staff.: An article from: Display Development News
Book (Business Communications Company, Inc.)
2004-05-07 15:34:11 by later559

Medical Device info...

The Bay Area has several Medical Device Companies and they would probably appreciate your expertise:
If you haven't tried this avenue, here's the association website:
These days I would think speaking a second language and understanding another culture really puts you ahead of the pack.

2003-07-16 17:20:02 by wchao

Seeking voice talents for future projects...

I'm a bay area medical animator, I create computer animations for healthcare companies and agencies for their drug/device products. I'm looking to get in touch with a few good professional male and female voice talents in the bay area that I can contact in the future for any projects that require voice narration. I don't normally provide this service to my clients, but recently I have lost several bids because I didn't have this capability. Since I don't know anything about voice talents, I don't know how this industry works. Ideally, it'll be nice if I can work with the voice talents directly instead of going through a broker

2007-10-11 15:13:57 by PR2PharmaPls


I have been in PR and marketing for 10 years and really want to change to pharma or medical device sales. I think my skills (ability to persuade mean-spirited, short on time journalists to write nice things about your client's new product) are a great fit for this industry and perceive that I would have a schedule and lifestyle more suited to me -- I do better out and about, meeting people, talking face to face. Am sick of being trapped at a desk all day, day after day on the phone. I am fascinated by all things medical- always have been- and have had several medical device companies as clients throughout my career

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She signed up to become a medic because she had a bit of prior medical training as a lifeguard and it sounded more exciting than other options such as working in a kitchen or an office. After training she was sent to a small ..

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HMS student Marc Succi, who recently founded a medical device company, said the entrepreneurial spirit is also alive and well among the student body at the Medical School.

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