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Healthcare in Malaysia is Delivered by various public, private and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) providers through conventional, traditional and complementary medicine. The government is the main healthcare provider in the country and is Heavily Subsidised healthcare. Private healthcare costs are fully bound by patients and / or their Insurers.

Malaysia's increasingly affluent society DEMANDS international standards of medical care and services. Healthcare expenditure in Malaysia was Estimated at A $ 12.8 billion in 2011, equal to around A $ 447 per capita and about 4.3 per percent of GDP (Source:. Episcom , The Pharmaceutical Market: Malaysia | Business Monitor International , Malaysia Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Report, January 17, 2013)

The healthcare industry is managed by the Ministry of Health (MOH). The MOH Operates the country's network of government Hospitals and public clinics, and trains medical staff. Private healthcare is one of the 12 National Key Economic Areas That Were APPROBATION by the government in icts 10th Malaysia Plan (a medium-term Spending Plan from 2011 to 2015). The Government HAS Allocated RM19.3 billion for healthcare management and development services in 2013. There are several strategic goals to be Achieved All which include transforming the delivery of healthcare system, Increasing quality, capacity, and coverage of healthcare infrastructure and Increasing the quality of human resources for health.

The primary challenges faced by the healthcare industry include: an overburdened public system, an aging population, Increasing financial burden to the state treasury (due to heavy subsidization), and Increasing incidences of lifestyle-related and chronic diseases. Heart disease, cancer, hypertension and circulatory problems account for MOST deaths and cases of hospitalization in Malaysia. Osteoporosis aussi a growing problem in Malaysia.

Malaysia's medical devices and supplies are imported Mainly, Especially for high-tech medical devices. Espicom Business Intelligence Estimates current growth in the market has to be strong at 9.1 per hundred per year, reaching U.S. $ 1.9 billion, or U.S. $ 61 per capita by 2016.

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Medical Device info...

The Bay Area has several Medical Device Companies and they would probably appreciate your expertise:
If you haven't tried this avenue, here's the association website:
These days I would think speaking a second language and understanding another culture really puts you ahead of the pack.

2003-07-16 17:20:02 by wchao

Seeking voice talents for future projects...

I'm a bay area medical animator, I create computer animations for healthcare companies and agencies for their drug/device products. I'm looking to get in touch with a few good professional male and female voice talents in the bay area that I can contact in the future for any projects that require voice narration. I don't normally provide this service to my clients, but recently I have lost several bids because I didn't have this capability. Since I don't know anything about voice talents, I don't know how this industry works. Ideally, it'll be nice if I can work with the voice talents directly instead of going through a broker

2007-10-11 15:13:57 by PR2PharmaPls


I have been in PR and marketing for 10 years and really want to change to pharma or medical device sales. I think my skills (ability to persuade mean-spirited, short on time journalists to write nice things about your client's new product) are a great fit for this industry and perceive that I would have a schedule and lifestyle more suited to me -- I do better out and about, meeting people, talking face to face. Am sick of being trapped at a desk all day, day after day on the phone. I am fascinated by all things medical- always have been- and have had several medical device companies as clients throughout my career

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