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Sydney - An Australian woman returned to life after spending 42 minutes clinically dead, informed the doctors who worked on the case.

Tanasio Vanessa, 41, who has two children, was taken to the Monash Medical Centre in Melbourne last week after suffering a heart attack and a completely blocked artery.

Tanasio suffered a cardiac arrest and was declared clinically dead soon afterwards.

The expression braindead is a medical term that applies to a person who ceased to breathe and in which the blood has stopped circulating.

But did not give physicians and used a compression device called Lucas 2, such that the only exists in Australia to maintain the flow of blood to the brain while the cardiologist Wally Ahmar opened the artery to unlock it.

Once unlocked, the Tanasio heart started beating at a normal pace.

"I used multiple discharges, many medicines to resurrect it, " said Ahmar.

"Surely this is a miracle. Hoped she was not so good."

Tanasio said he had no history of heart disease and said he was very grateful.

"I remember sitting on my couch, then the floor, then coming to the hospital and then disappeared two days, " said Vanessa Tanasio.

"I've been dead for almost an hour and only a week later I feel good.'s Surreal, " complete.

Lucas The device compresses the chest, similar to what happens during the maneuver cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and allows doctors to work without stopping to deploy a stent (cylindrical device) on a blocked artery.

This was the first time the device has been used successfully in a patient, in the hospital.

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How to get an international job in SF

Hi. I'm looking for a new job, and would appreciate any help/advice you could give me on the topic.
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-Fluent in Japanese and English
OK. Here is my ideal job. I would like to work for an American company with a Japanese branch, and would like to introduce/educate new products to the Japanese branch. Or a position where I could communicate beween the Japanese and American companies, and travel overseas

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Copy and Paste time!!! :)

In 1989, the Japanese government funded the Laboratory for International Fuzzy Engineering Research with an advance of some $35 million and more than 40 member firms. Japanese cars are starting to use fuzzy transmissions. In 1989, Honda awarded its prestigious Honda prize to Zadeh for his contributions to Japanese technology. U.S. companies have been extremely reluctant to jump on the fuzzy bandwagon. Exceptions are Rockwell, which markets several fuzzy devices; Otis Elevator; and General Motors, which uses fuzzy logic in the transmission of its Saturn car.
Bart Kosko, author of Fuzzy Thinking, is the movement's most controversial and combative promoter

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