Medical Devices International 70-150

The Higher Institute of Engineers of Franche-Comté offers an original engineering education meets a real need for engineers with expertise is at the interface of science and medicine.
Specificity dual culture,technical and medical,unique in France and rare in Europe.For this purpose,it combines science teachers for engineering and life sciences and is based on a collaboration between the University Hospital of Besançon,biomedical companies and major research organizations CNRS and INSERM.
The ISIFC has developed an innovative educational concept: the Virtual Enterprise Biotika which allows students to immerse themselves in the world of business and to develop innovative projects. The ISIFC places its students in national and international companies to positions in regulatory affairs and quality.ISIFC The feeds the labor market and contribute to the emergence of a particular expertise in the design of biomedical devices Franche-Comté.

Engineering and biomedical
3 options:

  • Instrumentation and microsystems
  • Biomechanics and materials
  • Cell and Tissue Engineering

BIOTIKA: Virtual Enterprise and real products ...
Thanks ... that all students cut their teeth on the organization of a company and the process of design and marketing of biomedical products.
Inventory of products developed by BIOTIKA:

  • Design of a new version of award-winning flexible endoscope by OSEO in May 2006
  • Simulators for the training of interns in surgery and clinical investigation
  • Development of a prosthetic hand polyarticulée low cost
  • Dispensing of artificial saliva for patients with xerostomia
  • Visiotika,the control system via the ocular environment and infrared control
  • Mapping of the foot
  • Physiotika: Apparatus for measuring predictive of cardiovascular risk

20, 000 students each year. Besancon is one of three French schools to combine a pharmacy department in a department of medicine.

The UFR medical and pharmaceutical sciences annually hosts more than 3, 200 students and offers training for obtaining medical certificates,university diplomas,professional licenses and masters. Specialties recognized in the fields of engineering and cell and tissue biology,neuroscience and instrumentation and computer image.

Students benefit from a particularly challenging environment: 27 research units,the proximity of the Femto-ST Institute,laboratory rated A + by the Directorate General of Higher Education and of the Federative Research Institute: Engineering and Biology cell and tissue (IFR 133 - IBCT) which brings together 10 research organizations in the UFC,INSERM and the University Hospital of Besançon.

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2400 students
140 foreign partner universities
5 departments for training engineers
450 graduates per year
1 engineering education electrical engineering by learning
UTSEUS - University of Sino-European Technology University of Shanghai UTBM >> - learn more

2004-05-06 14:36:24 by eyt_sf

How to get an international job in SF

Hi. I'm looking for a new job, and would appreciate any help/advice you could give me on the topic.
-BA in an Ivy league Japanese university (2000)
-1yr and a half exp. sales in medical devices (Japan)
-1yr exp. in medical program coordination (SF).
-Fluent in Japanese and English
OK. Here is my ideal job. I would like to work for an American company with a Japanese branch, and would like to introduce/educate new products to the Japanese branch. Or a position where I could communicate beween the Japanese and American companies, and travel overseas

2007-12-21 20:59:31 by shakesfear

Copy and Paste time!!! :)

In 1989, the Japanese government funded the Laboratory for International Fuzzy Engineering Research with an advance of some $35 million and more than 40 member firms. Japanese cars are starting to use fuzzy transmissions. In 1989, Honda awarded its prestigious Honda prize to Zadeh for his contributions to Japanese technology. U.S. companies have been extremely reluctant to jump on the fuzzy bandwagon. Exceptions are Rockwell, which markets several fuzzy devices; Otis Elevator; and General Motors, which uses fuzzy logic in the transmission of its Saturn car.
Bart Kosko, author of Fuzzy Thinking, is the movement's most controversial and combative promoter

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