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2014 25th Portland International Medical Industry Exhibition

2014 The 25th edition of the Poland International Medical Fair

Exhibition time: 2014/2/10 (a) - 2014/2/12 (three)

Venue: Poznan International Exhibition Center ( Poland )

Industry: Medical

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Poznan International Fair Ltd.

Poland Medical Association

SALMED is Poland and Central and Eastern Europe's largest medical trade exhibition. The exhibition was founded in 1976 and is now held every two years. Organizers for the Poznan International Exhibition Company. First held in 1976, the growing scale of the show. 2012, which totaled more than 300 exhibitor companies from Germany, Czech Republic, China, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Africa, Russia, Hungary and Italy and other 29 countries and regions, including medical equipment exhibits , instruments, dressings, diagnostic instruments, hospital and healthcare equipment and other appliances; exhibition area of ​​13, 000 square meters; addition, professional visitors reached more than 6, 000 people, and 88% of the participants expressed satisfaction with the exhibition. SALMED show an indispensable element, is rich seminars, expert meetings, workshops, lectures and a variety of business meetings.

Market Briefing: 2012 Polish medical device market value has more than 500 million zlotys ($ 173 million); accounted for most of the equipment he is magnetic resonance, infrared or ultraviolet irradiation equipment; these equipment sales reached 35 billion zlotys ($ 1.2 billion); Polish health service agencies are replacing an old medical equipment, buy new equipment for testing and treatment of patients. By 2012, hospitals and clinics will spend hundreds of millions of zlotys this; 2007-2013, the EU will fund a total of $ 42 billion of Poland's structural funds to be used for infrastructure, of which there are a considerable part is utilized in this field.

Poland market size of medical materials crown EU: European Medical Devices Association (Eucomed) released data show that in 2007, EU countries for medical equipment Expenses averaged about 6.3% of total health care spending, higher than the 5.5% in the United States, of which Poland 6.9%, higher than the EU average, but Poland is only 22.9 euros per capita expenditures, far below the EU average of € 127.5, just above Romania and Bulgaria. Since Polish population up to 3, 850 people, is the Central and Eastern Europe's largest medical equipment markets.

【Background】 Polish market is a high-welfare state, in 2013, Poland used in the cost of health care spending accounted for 7.0% -7.6% of GDP, equivalent to the level of Spain and Norway (7.3%), close to the EU average (7.7%) . After the accession of Poland's economy is expected to have a good development. Currently, Poland ongoing health care reform, the implementation of the privatization of health care institutions to improve the proportion of individual medical insurance premiums payable, plus the people on the importance of health care services, making the demand for health care products gradually increased, the proportion of consumption will further enhance great market potential. To be sure, in the rapid development of the health industry impetus, Poland will undoubtedly become an international medical device market a new growth highlights. Welcome interested companies to develop the Polish market booth reservations, while welcoming the delegation visits the exhibition tour operators and the local health care market! The last show and compared to previous years, in terms of scale and technological innovation exhibits were improved. Venue to observe, visiting representatives and research dollars and other activities are to promote your business dealings with foreign customers a great opportunity, and you can derive other profitable business opportunities! [Incentives] for foreign investment, the Polish government have four principles - equal treatment of foreign governments and domestic enterprises; foreign investors can fully return to profitability; does not restrict foreign investment in any field, that foreign firms can purchase real estate in Poland; Poland preferential policies To comply with EU law. In addition, foreign investors for investment in fixed assets, such as three years is not transferred shall be exempt from import duties; special economic zone enterprises, their investment projects for imports of machinery and equipment to enjoy duty-free treatment.

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Hi. I'm looking for a new job, and would appreciate any help/advice you could give me on the topic.
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