Medical Devices Made in China

Scalpel, Medical Devices Parts, Made by MIM Process - China

Product Details

Basic information Method of molding: Injection molding

Installation Mode: Semi Fixed

Type Combination Process: Template with Single Process

Product Description Medical devices mold / plastic injection part of the medical
BHM engaged medical device into the mold and the plastic part mold.
Transfusion of blood infusion set molds set of components are what we are for professionals, including molds drip chamber, PVC molds Point ABS, molds of pipe clamps, slips Luer & Luer lock molds etc. . the molds of connectors Y. Those plastic medical components usually are small in size, most transparent and have high demands on the quality and performance of the molds. But all problems can be resolved when their mold or part of medical plastic components are made by BHM.
The cast of BH has a highly - skilled team of production and excellence of engineering and technical staff management, plus the experience of our team in design and tooling molds of medical devices we can always meet demands customers, we sometimes even far reaching effects beyond what waited before.
BHM are professionals for the design and manufacture of medical plastic mold products.
We have long provided plastic injection molds for medical products worldwide. We have rich experience in parts and injection molds for medical as following, but not limited to:
The infusion / transfusion: Points, drip chambers, clamps, connectors Non-vented or vented etc. Luer.
B, IV cannula, molds for plastic parts etc.. scalp vein set
C 3 way stopcocks, connectors of different catheters and tubing to the urine drainage bags
D, Umbilical cord clamps, Vaginal Speculum, molds blade preparation
And, respiratory / anesthesia: Oxygen Mask, Nebulizer, nasal cannula, filters, circuit connectors & adapters etc..
F, biotech / laboratory: test tubes, centrifuge tube, petri dishes, plastic containers etc.. the specimen.
G, first aid boxes with different design.

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But thanks to Bush

Other countries will pass us in stem cell research, which could be one of the biggest medical breakthroughs in generations
Most aircraft orders are now from foreign carriers, like China, which have 'local content' rules that force Boeing and Airbus to build the planes in the purchaser's country.
"a variety of scientific equipment and devices" can be and are made anywhere

2010-09-12 16:52:10 by fun_with_magnets

Patents enforcement keep knock-offs out

Really what they are talking about is having low-grade technicians reverse engineer existing products and find ways of cutting costs in manufacturing them. These products all have a lot of patents. A patent lasts for 17 years, which is longer than the useful life of most medical devices. that keeps cheap reverse-engineered knock-offs made in India or China from being sold in the developed world. If they want to use these products to improve their own health care, they can. But maybe they should try improving their roads, sewer systems and environment. That would improve the health of their people more

2002-10-01 12:52:10 by kemosabe_

Unions as a cure-all well,

No, they are not, but you should support those efforts, even if occasionally over-the-top, to alter the imbalance of power between worker (regardless of collar e.g. blue, white) and management.
Your suggestion that the price of goods eg. tennies and incomes have some absolute relationship is false. But here's where it gets interesting:
I'm not even refuting that argument here. I'm arguing a larger point. You see, if you have a family earning a living wage wherein they can afford to own a home/land, savings (for retirement, medical, future)and calorically sufficient diets AND
enough non-work time between them (to ensure good parenting, community involvement,personal enrichment then you have arrived at a desirable Quality of Life Standard

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