Medical Devices China 2011

Oct 7-8, 2011 9th International SPECTRALIS Symposium, Edinburgh

Zdavookhraneniye 2010 Moscow salon and pharmacy
Moscow, Russia.
Zdravookhraneniye 2010, 20 International Health, Medical and Pharmaceutical Engineering, held from December 6 to 10, 2010 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds
MEDTEC Europe 2011 Stuttgart: Germany Fair manufacture medical devices
Stuttgart, Germany.
MEDTEC Europe 2011 is the most important fair in its sector, a fact that is reflected in the data of the last edition of 2010, which was increased by 20% as the number of visitors, as the space for the surface exhibition. In addition to the fair in 2010, featured 633 exhibitors, who were visited by more than 11, 000 engineers, production specialists, designers, key decision makers.

Medical Fair India 2011
New Delhi, India.
Medical Fair India 2011 International Exhibition and Conference on Diagnostics, Medical Equipment and Technology
Saudi Medicare 2011
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
The 14th International Exhibition of Health, Hospital Supplies and Medical Equipment in Saudi Arabia
CMEF 2011 Shenzhen China Medical Equipment Fair
Shenzhen, China.

CHINA INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL EQUIPMENT FAIR (CMEF) 2011 whose edition number 65 will take place at the fairgrounds Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, Shenzhen (PR China) from 18 to 22 April 2011

Tecnosalud 2011 Lima, Peru
Lima, Peru.

The 6th PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION FOR HEALTH AND ALLIED SCIENCES - Tecnosalud 2011 is organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Lima and Products Committee for Health and Allied Sciences (COMSALUD) and will take place on 14, 15 and 16 September 2011 in Santiago de Surco - Lima - Peru in Lima Jockey Exhibition Center

Baltmedica 2011 Vilnius
Vilnius, Lithuania.
Exposure BALTMEDICA Medical and laboratory equipment, pharmacy, dental and optical. Healthy living in Vilnius, Lithuania

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2010-09-12 14:31:18 by exp_jwt

Are the best engineers in China and India?

Technology companies that have outsourced tens of thousands of science and engineering jobs claim that they do so to save R&D money. Now -- as reported by the Sept 9 issue of The Economist -- two of the world's largest engineering companies appear to be claiming that they outsource jobs from the USA because the engineers in China and India are better than those in the USA. Read the excerpt below.
Is it true that only Chinese and Indian engineers are able to build medical instrumentation that is both cheap and rugged? Has it come to this? American engineers simply are no longer capable of designing price competitive, tough, & reliable products? What do you think?
From The Economist, Sept 9:
"Siemens has turned the (medical products) business around partly by going against...

2009-11-18 17:05:43 by samepaige

I know. what the hell?

I like GRO, btw, and CSKI -- herbal remedies in China? where do i sign up?
Company Background
China Sky One Medical, Inc. is engaged in the development, manufacture, marketing and sale of over-the-counter, branded nutritional supplements and over-the-counter plant and herb based pharmaceutical and medicinal products. Its principal products are external use Traditional Chinese Herbal Remedies/Medicines (TCM). The Company is also an integrated manufacturer, marketer and distributor of external use Chinese medicine products sold primarily in China and through Chinese domestic pharmaceutical chains

2005-02-04 13:40:23 by nicholas23

A little bit of all of the. Here's the reason

Europeans became dominant because of a few things:
1. The Scientific Revolution and The Development of New Technologies: Guns and Cannons, and new forms of Sailing Ships, gave them a Miltiary edge over the Asians, Africans, and Native Americans.
2. The Medical Revolution: Advances in Medical Technology meant that fewer children died, so half of the worlds population were White (many of them poor) in the year 1900. Families in those days had 8-10 kids. Fewer of them died. They couldn't all stay in Europe and make money.
3. The Economic Revolution: The growth of Banking, and mostly of Multinational corporations and Joint Stock Companies such as the East India company, meant that large scale privately financed overseas operations were possible

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What is the principal response for Chinese medical device manufacturers when dealing with risk management and quality control of products? -- What is the development trend of wireless/mobile/tele medical; will it be the main trend in future? -- For ..

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.. has voted to launch an investigation of breathing masks and other equipment used to treat sleep disorders following allegations of patent infringement last month by California-based ResMed Inc. against Chinese medical device giant BMC Medical Co.

ICON Group International, Inc. The 2011-2016 Outlook for Medical Device Electrodes in Greater China
Book (ICON Group International, Inc.)

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