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Date: 22/01/2013

The MEDICAL FAIR INDIA 2013 - International Exhibition and Conference. India's no. 1 Trade Fair for Hospitals, Health Centres and Clinics -'s continued success and the number of exhibitors from the previous year exceed again. The available space of Pragati Maidan Exhibition Complex, New Delhi are almost fully booked. Particular attention is paid to the German Pavilion with 20 exhibitors in Hall 12 German SMEs are supported in this regard by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, in order to better establish itself in the Indian market.

The starting position for the participants of the MEDICAL FAIR INDIA is ideal. The product portfolio is tailored to the needs of Indian hospitals, clinics, and the so-called Health Centres. The exhibitors and visitors structure reflects the individual circumstances of the Indian healthcare market and facilitates the entry of international companies. Besides the numerous pavilions from Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and China also exhibitors from Hungary, Thailand, Singapore, Austria, Canada, Turkey and Pakistan are expected. The Fair Dusseldorf North America is represented with the U.S. pavilion and beyond is a strong Indian participation recorded. The close cooperation with the MEDICA in Dusseldorf, the world's leading fair for the medical industry is a key success factor of MEDICAL FAIR INDIA. It promotes dialogue with the key decision makers for the Indian market. Another factor is the very good economic situation of the country. India is next to China the fastest growing country in the BRIC countries. The Indian healthcare sector is one of the fast growing service sector and contributes according to the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce already with six percent of the gross domestic product. In the field of medical technology, India is one of the most promising growth markets.

The MEDICAL FAIR INDIA is the leading and with over 300 exhibitors, the largest international event in the Indian subcontinent. The year, alternately in Mumbai or New Delhi, held exhibition offers exhibitors and visitors a platform for exchange, presentation and new business deals. On the MEDICAL FAIR INDIA, trade visitors can gain a comprehensive overview of international innovations in medical technology and services in the health sector. Others focus is on the areas of Medical Technology and Hospital, Health Centre & Clinic Equipment / Products. Furthermore, rehabilitation is presented and Laboratory & Analytical Equipment / Products focus. The theme of Pharmacy and Dispensary Equipment / Furniture moves more and more into focus.

Receives support the event by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, by dedicated Indian associations such as ADMI (Association of Diagnostic Manufacturers of India) as well as at the international level by institutions like MREPC (Malaysian Rubber Export Promotion Council), CCCMHPIE (China Chamber Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products), MSAHITA (Medical Surgical and Healthcare Industry Trade Association), KMDICA (Korea Medical Devices Industrial Cooperative Association), Ubi France, SAMD (Shenzhen Association of Medical Devices, Spectaris, GHE (German Healthcare Export Group), ZVEI (the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association) and the Illinois State Office. collaborations with Indian hospitals such as Fortis and Apollo Hospitals have also been confirmed.

China Drugs, Medical Devices Registration Guide (World Strategic and Business Information Library)
Book (International Business Publications, USA)
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Are the best engineers in China and India?

Technology companies that have outsourced tens of thousands of science and engineering jobs claim that they do so to save R&D money. Now -- as reported by the Sept 9 issue of The Economist -- two of the world's largest engineering companies appear to be claiming that they outsource jobs from the USA because the engineers in China and India are better than those in the USA. Read the excerpt below.
Is it true that only Chinese and Indian engineers are able to build medical instrumentation that is both cheap and rugged? Has it come to this? American engineers simply are no longer capable of designing price competitive, tough, & reliable products? What do you think?
From The Economist, Sept 9:
"Siemens has turned the (medical products) business around partly by going against...

2009-11-18 17:05:43 by samepaige

I know. what the hell?

I like GRO, btw, and CSKI -- herbal remedies in China? where do i sign up?
Company Background
China Sky One Medical, Inc. is engaged in the development, manufacture, marketing and sale of over-the-counter, branded nutritional supplements and over-the-counter plant and herb based pharmaceutical and medicinal products. Its principal products are external use Traditional Chinese Herbal Remedies/Medicines (TCM). The Company is also an integrated manufacturer, marketer and distributor of external use Chinese medicine products sold primarily in China and through Chinese domestic pharmaceutical chains

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A little bit of all of the. Here's the reason

Europeans became dominant because of a few things:
1. The Scientific Revolution and The Development of New Technologies: Guns and Cannons, and new forms of Sailing Ships, gave them a Miltiary edge over the Asians, Africans, and Native Americans.
2. The Medical Revolution: Advances in Medical Technology meant that fewer children died, so half of the worlds population were White (many of them poor) in the year 1900. Families in those days had 8-10 kids. Fewer of them died. They couldn't all stay in Europe and make money.
3. The Economic Revolution: The growth of Banking, and mostly of Multinational corporations and Joint Stock Companies such as the East India company, meant that large scale privately financed overseas operations were possible

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