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Details Created on 04/07/2013 In his first spell in Portugal, paths and Viktor Romanik Kostyantym Yefymshuk never crossed.

In his first spell in Portugal, paths and Viktor Romanik Kostyantym Yefymshuk never crossed. Both swelled in 2001 the community of Ukrainian immigrants, but settled in different cities and sectors. Viktor experienced construction company in Aveiro, Kostyantym employed in the glass industry in Marinha Grande. The Portuguese crisis and miss Rivne, his hometown, forced an early return to Ukraine.

But one of the happy coincidences that life is fertile, their careers intersect this month Felgueiras without distress induced by immigration status. Viktor and Kostyantym part of the cell six intermediate frames that Fapomed - Products Industry Medical-Surgical hired for the unity of Ukraine entering tests already in October. The team is in intensive training Felgueiras and encompasses those responsible for manufacturing each of manufacturing steps. In the initial phase, the unit of Rivne will have 65 workers, but the plan is to reach 400 in 2011.

The operation in Ukraine is a response to the Chinese threat and was being prepared three years ago, in the aftermath of the startle competitive after the opening of European markets to Asian products. A contract for three years with a multinational pharmaceutical company that did not appear in its customer base for the supply of a considerable volume of surgical gowns was the push that was needed to advance the project. The unit (5000 m2 of covered area) costs € 7 million. On the ground, the company pays rent Felgueiras symbolic.

In 2006, Fapomed had adopted a new business paradigm, abandoned since the surgical gown as engine sales. "Multinationals transferred the orders to China. The quality was acceptable and unbeatable prices. Sometimes you could not even pay for the raw material, "says Miguel Lopes da Cunha, president of the company.

Through new technologies and new products, the company evolved into an integrated supply kits, backpacks and sets of variable composition, as the acts and teams of different surgical specialties. Protection products (sheets, gowns, leggings or jackets table) have to live with syringes, forceps or surgical compresses a single set, packed in a room with an efficiency of filtration and sterilization to the level of an operating room. The kits are used in blocks Fapomed hospital twenty countries, from the United States to Macedonia. This strategy proved to be correct, avoiding price competition. In addition to saving unit Felgueiras, enabled by reopening a year ago, a second unit in Baiao, focused on the manufacture of surgical gowns and protective equipment for laboratories and chemical industry.

2012-03-16 13:05:42 by takethemeatbridge

That's fantastic

Do you have any idea what that would mean for medical science? It will revolutionize implanted devices, like pacemakers. They currently run on batteries that are either implanted and need to be surgically repaired if they die, or by a transdermal device that are prone to infection.
This is exactly the sort of thing governments should be funding. They start with snails because the physiology is simple. The end game isn't to create an army of terminator snails to fight the weaponized tree slugs the Chinese are developing, because I think the Japanese already have a game show like that.

2012-05-06 19:37:43 by Frog_Barf

I've used a Bialetti for several years

(Not at the moment: I'm currently entirely off coffee (sob!) for medical reasons.)
I only rinse mine out with cold water, never use detergent or soap. Only had to replace the gasket once. They're readily available and not particularly costly.
The strength of the coffee depends entirely on how dark the beans were roasted and how much coffee you put in the basket. If you fill the basket and tamp the coffee down, you get espresso, no two ways about it, but there's no law that says you have to use that much coffee.
The Bialetti's are sized in "cups" of 50ml each. The twelve-cup model that I use gives me 600 ml of brewed coffee, about 20 fl oz, slightly over three 6 oz cups, or two and a half 8 oz cups

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