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Abbott 2011 Annual Report : Patient Stories : Huiyu Tan - Similac/

Thomson Reuters, through its industry Intellectual Property and Sciences, has recently launched the Fourth Annual Report on the State of Innovation (the full file in pdf can be downloaded from the link / science/759960 *). The paper analyzes global trends in patents, comparing the 2010 results with the 2012. The publication accompanied the patenting activity in 12 key technology areas, using the database Derwent World Patents Index ® (DWPI) of Thomson Reuters. =

This document can be extracted some relevant information. Some:

1. The sector with the highest growth in the volume of patents filed in 2012 was the tech for Medical Devices.

2. Another sector that showed a significant increase was the product innovation for the industries of food, tobacco and fermented beverages, particularly in the sugar industry.

3. Although China is now the world leader in patent filings in the Asia Pacific region is Japan leading the assignments of patents, with 67 of the top-120, while China has only 27 of them.

4. The Computers and Peripherals sector continues to lead, with the highest overall volume of activity, totaling 232, 549 in deposits in 2012. The sub-sector computers showed the largest improvement, with an increase of 3% (for a total of 201 608 deposits), while the scanners experienced a decline of 34% over the previous period.

5. The Biotechnology sector appears in 9th place among 12 technologies with the greatest volume of patents filed in 2012. Within this sector, the sub-sector with the highest volume of patents was Diagnosis of Diseases, with 19% of all patents filed for the sector.

6. Although Brazil is among the ten largest economies in the world, no company or organization Brazilian appears as assignee in any of the subsectors of the twelve sectors assessed. Among the countries that make up the BRICS, Russia stands in the aerospace sector, China in virtually every industry, and India in the pharmaceutical industry.

This report is of fundamental importance, both for industries and for governments, Federal District and to define strategies for investments to be made in research and development and the promotion of Science, Technology and Innovation.

* Access to the document is restricted to organizations and researchers who have active account at Thomson Reuters
Investigation report of the medical business opportunities in mainland China: medical services medical devices and mainland tourists to Taiwan Medical Tourism (Paperback) (Paperback) (Traditional Chinese Edition)
Book (WaiMaoXieHui)
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