China Imported Medical Devices

According to China Customs statistics, trade in medical devices in the country totaled 30.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2012, an increase of 13.03%. China's imports of medical equipment amounted to 12.5 billion U.S. dollars, up 14.56%.

Clarify the regulatory framework for medical devices imported into China this webinar aims.

Canadian medical device companies wishing to penetrate the Chinese market, which are reluctant to do or are about to make their entry into China are invited to attend this free one hour webinar!

The webinar is hosted by Bobbi Bi, Trade Commissioner at the Canadian Consulate General in Guangzhou, and presented by Mike Gu, General Manager (East China) in Osmunda Medical Device Consulting Co., Ltd.., Who has extensive experience as a consultant in the field of registration of medical devices. Mr. Gu give an overview of the laws and regulations of China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) for the registration of imported medical devices. If you have specific questions, a question period of 20 minutes following the presentation.

Please contact Bobbi Bi, Trade Commissioner @ or to get the link of the webinar.

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On Monday, while under pressure from recent recalls of imported drugs and other products, the FDA formally requested $275 million from Congress to pay for more inspections.
In mid-May FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach wrote a letter to Sen. Specter suggesting an additional $275 million in the wake of a series of hearings on Capitol Hill over the FDA's handling of the crisis involving contaminated heparin, a blood thinner, from China. Mr. von Eschenbach's letter wasn't a formal request and only represented his professional judgment.
Sen. Specter said in Tuesday's letter that the FDA's recent request shows a lack of urgency on the agency's behalf

2008-02-03 10:03:06 by things_worse

However - stripping the FDA is going to make

Condition critical at the FDA
THE US Food and Drug Administration is supposed to guarantee the safety of one-fourth of all the goods American consumers buy with 1,311 fewer workers than it had 14 years ago. As a result, FDA staff now inspect US companies that make medical devices, such as heart pacemakers, just once every three years instead of two years, as required by its own rules. The situation is far worse when it comes to inspection of foreign makers of medical devices, prescription drugs, and food.
In the past 14 years, its spending on the FDA, now at $2 billion, has declined by $400 million in inflation-adjusted dollars

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