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21, C. Bell, R. Sarwar, A. Steinke, T. Frank, H.-F. Schlaak, G. Gerlach: Development of a humidity microswitch based on humidity-sensitive polymer. In: 23rd Micromechanics and Microsystems Europe Conference (MME), Ilmenau, September 9-12, 2012.

22, Brokmann G., H. Übensee, G. Gerlach: Thermal behavior of piezoresistive pressure sensors - characterization and modeling. In: Sensors and Systems, 2012, 16 GMA / ITG Conference, 22 to 23 2012, Nuremberg. Wunstorf: AMA Service GmbH, 2012, 29-36.

23, A. Eydam, G. Suchaneck, G. Gerlach: Evaluation of the polarization state of integrated piezoelectric sensors and actuators using the thermal wave method. In: International Conference on Materials and Applications for Sensors and Transducers (IC-MAST), Budapest (Hungary), May 24-28, 2012, oral contribution, Abstract book, 52

24th A. Eydam, Suchaneck G. and G. Gerlach: Evaluation of the polarization state of embedded piezoelectric ceramics by batch monitoring during periodic heating. In: Electro Ceramics XIII, Enschede (Netherlands), June 24-27, 2012, Abstracts, 135th

25th Glöß D., P. freighters, M. Maicu, E. Holst, R. Schmitt gene, G. Gerlach, CH Lu, T. Roch, M. Bieda, A. Lasagni, M. Beckmann plasma deposition of hydrophobic coatings on structured surfaces for condensation and heat transfer applications. In: PSE (13th International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering), September 10 to 14, 2012, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

26th M. Guenther, G. Gerlach, T. Wallmersperger, MN Avula, SH Cho, X. Xie, BV Devener, F. Solzbacher, P. Tathireddy, JJ Magda, C. Scholz, R. Obeid, T. Armstrong: smart hydrogel-based biochemical microsensor array for medical diagnostics. In: 4th International Conference Smart Materials, Structures and Systems CIMTEC, 2012. Montecatini Terme, Italy, June 10-14, 2012. Book of Abstracts, 135

27th N. Gust, E. Kühnicke, M. Wolf, S. Kümmritz: Determination of size and shape of small inclusions from sound-field information. In: IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium Proceedings (2012), 764-766.

28th N. Gust: 16 High frequency channel ultrasonic microscope for annular arrays. In: IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (2012), Dresden.

29th M. Henke, J. Sorber, G. Gerlach: multi-layer beam with variable stiffness based on electro active polymer. In: Y. Bar-Cohen (ed.): Electroactive Polymer Actuators and Devices (EAPAD) 2012. Proceedings of SPIE, vol 8340, 83401P-1 ... 13

30th M. Henke, J. Sorber, G. Gerlach: Actuator for stiffness-control of stacked flexure beams: principle, set-up, design. In: Actuator, 2012, Proceedings, 400 - 403

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