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Coravinof Fiorenzo Sartore | Mon 29 July 2013 16:45 950

"The summer of 2013 will change the way you think about wine.A glass at a time. "If advertising slogans were as real as they are bombastic,we could say that this time we were right: we have found the philosopher's stone,the device that allows us to pour a glass of wine from a bottle,and let smezzata,even to biblical times,without that the contact with the air from affecting the content.The wonder is called Coravin,and on their site are now accepting reservations.

How does it work?In short,it is a needle that penetrates the cork ( after removing the capsule Without even removing the capsule).Avatar The wine is drawn off by blowing argon,an inert gas that replaces the content,thus preventing air every interaction.After removing the needle,cork closes naturally.In this interview on Wine Business with the inventor,Greg Lambrecht ("a medical device inventor") refers to the test on a Brunello.From this wine had already been taken in 2007,and still it appeared "fresh,as just opened."

Given the premises,the invention works only with corks,with all due respect to Stelvin and silicone.Coravin costs $ 299,not including argon.

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